February 28, 2015

The 2014 Union Delegate Conference

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Talk, Walk, Lead Change

Outside perspectives brought a fresh note to the 2014 Union Delegate Conference, the annual gathering that brings together several hundred frontline health care workers whose unions belong to the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions.

The theme of the San Jose conference is "Walk, Talk, Lead Change," and Hal Ruddick—who became the coalition's executive director just five months ago—reminded the delegates of their leadership position not just within Kaiser Permanente but more broadly within the union movement and health care in the United States. Read the full story or view the slideshow.

This year the delegates are hearing from, among others:

  • Helen Bevan, chief of innovation, British National Health Services, who addressed the plenary session Sunday and also led a workshop on "how to be a great change agent"
  • Bernard Tyson, president and CEO, Kaiser Permanente, who spoke Sunday and also took questions from the audience
  • Dave Regan, the president of SEIU UHW, who called for delegates to have an industry-wide viewpoint
  • Union leaders and hospital administrators from partnerships outside of KP

The event opened Sunday, April 13, and runs through Tuesday, April 15. It involves hands-on workshops and plenty of networking opportunities. It was preceded by a two-day Union Coalition Learning Academy. Keep checking back for our live coverage of the event.


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