October 21, 2016

Contact Lists

The Office of Labor Management Partnership (OLMP) and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions have staff members at the national and regional levels whose job it is to support unit-based teams. This section includes their contact information, as well as regional training contacts and information on how to get in touch with individual unions.

LMP and Union Coalition: Use this list to find national LMP and Coalition staff members, program area co-leads, communicators and support staff.

Regional Co-Leads: This list has contact information for all the management and union co-leads in each region.

LMP Strategy Group: The strategy group governs the Partnership and is made up of regional presidents, local union presidents and KP and Permanente Federation executives.

Local Training Contacts: A list of regionally based staff members who can help you with getting your team trained.

Health and Safety Contacts: A list of staff members in each region supporting Healthy Workforce and Workplace Safety.

Local Unions: Provides the website and local contact information for the unions that belong to the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions.


Please contact: Tyra.L.Ferlatte@kp.org