October 24, 2016

Effective Stakeholding
Course title

Effective Stakeholding

Course duration

Eight hours

Path to Performance

Level 2

Course description

This course is designed to improve the methods of a representative or “stakeholder” by providing tools and scenarios that will improve communication and teach how to manage issues.

Who should attend

This course is intended for labor participants only. Job categories who should attend are labor (co-leads, stewards and sponsors).

Course requirements
  • Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)

Course outline and objectives

Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and union partnership representatives
  • Learn the definition of a stakeholder and the roles of a stakeholder in a partnership and unit-based team environment; learn what it takes to be an effective stakeholder
Communication the key to effective stakeholding
  • Avoid communication breakdown through effective listening skills and how to give and receive feedback
Maintaining good internal and external processes
  • Learn good meeting processes to follow as a stakeholder inside the meeting and with members of the unit-based team
Managing issues from a union perspective
  • Learn how to ask team members about issues that affect them and how to prioritize and track issues to completion
Learning outcomes

(knowledge, skills, attitudes)

  • Labor leaders should have an awareness of how they “fit” into the big picture
  • Participants should have improved communications skills and rely on tools to guide their needs as representatives
  • Participants will understand how to engage with members they represent both in and out of meetings

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For information on this course or to request a training for trainers, contact LMPlearn@kp.org.


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