LMP Focus Areas

What We're Focusing On

Our Labor Management Partnership touches almost every aspect of Kaiser Permanente operations, with a focus on the four points of the KP Value Compass—Quality, Service, Affordability and Best Place to Work—as well as Total Health and Workplace Safety, Work of the Future, and KP and Union Growth. Learn more about our work in each area.

Frontline workers, managers and physicians use their partnership training and problem-solving tools to make Kaiser Permanente the best place to get care. That’s helped keep KP a leader in many measures of clinical quality.
In a time of rapid change and growing consumer choice, our partnership is drawing on the wisdom of more than 100,000 innovation experts—our staff and physicians. They’re helping develop new and better ways to serve KP members and patients, anytime, anywhere.
High quality, affordable care: It’s been part of the KP promise and reason for being for more than 70 years. Unit-based teams are delivering on that promise by reducing waste, improving work processes and saving more than $35 million a year.
More than 90 percent of Kaiser Permanente employees say they’re proud to work at KP, for good reason. A strong social mission, a better model of care—and a better model of workplace engagement, opportunity and satisfaction. It’s all part of the plan.
Kaiser Permanente workers and managers are taking charge of their own health and wellness. The rewards include a fuller life, a healthier workforce and a little extra cash. And unlike other wellness programs, it’s all carrots, no sticks.
Our Labor Management Partnership is preparing workers and the organization for the new jobs, skills and technologies that are redefining health care. KP members, patients—and staff—will benefit from this forward-looking approach.
Attracting and retaining more Kaiser Permanente members is good for everyone—the organization, the workforce and, most of all, the members and communities we serve. That’s why unions are partnering with KP to grow our membership—and they’re getting results.