August 24, 2016


Spring 2016

Hair on Fire? There's Hope

Cover: Hank Spring 2016
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Stress and health care work seem to go hand in hand. Here are tips and tools that individuals, leaders and teams can use to fix that.


Infographic: Taming the Stress Monster

Tips and resources to soothe your savage inner beast. 


From Tears to Cheers

How a pharmacy unit-based team turned itself around by improving communication, increasing involvement and building camaraderie. 


Collective Causes, Collective Action

Leaders in the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions emphasize the need to address the root causes of workplace stress. 


How Managers Manage Stress
Strategies for leaders to relieve job pressure--on themselves and others. 
First, Heal Thyself

Doctors aren't immune to stress. And teams can be a key element in keeping burnout at bay. 


Web extra!

Dancing the Stress Away 

Call centers typically breed burnout--but KP's teams are finding ways to be the exception to the rule. 



Runnin g on Empty? 

Take our energy audit and see if you're heading for a personal energy crisis!


Meet Your National Agreement

A new feature in Hank shines a spotlight on what's new in our 2015 National Agreement. This issue, meet our Health and Safety Champions.


Relieve Stress With "Yes, and"

Henrietta, Hank's resident columnist, takes the big view on how to reduce stress.  



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    Running on Empty? 

    Take our energy audit and see if you're heading for a personal energy crisis!