April 30, 2016


Winter 2016

The Difference Diversity Makes

Cover: Hank Winter 2016
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Unit-based teams create an environment where a diversity of voices and opinions can be heard in an atmosphere of respect. That makes them the ideal vehicle for helping Kaiser Permanente develop new ways to serve our diverse membership.

Creating a Safety Net for Sickle Cell Patients
To address a painful chronic condition that disproportionately affects African-American patients, a team in Southern California comes together to provide coordinated care and an array of resources.
A Mirror for Members
At KP, a diverse workforce and an ethos of inclusion means high-quality care for a diverse member population.

A Matter-of-Fact Approach
By adding a new question on a patient intake questionnaire, a Behavioral Health team in the Mid-Atlantic States takes a bold step to better treat teen patients who are transgender, gender-nonconforming and gender questioning.

For the Love of Kids

Elementary school students in a low-income neighborhood grow and cook their own healthy food thanks to a program sprouted by an oncology nurse in the Northwest region.


Around the Regions

Newsy bits from coast to coast.

Healing a World of Hurt

Henrietta, Hank's resident columnist, talks about the benefits of diversity and inclusion.


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