October 8, 2015


Fall 2015

One KP, One LMP

Unit-based teams, already the engine of performance improvement at Kaiser Permanente, are set to step it up again under the new 2015 National Agreement.


Working to Put Herself out of a Job
Charisse Lewis loves coaching UBTs--but still looks forward to the day her teams don't need her anymore.

Outside Eye Helps Team Do an About-Face
Improving team culture often calls for a bit of expert assistance.

Lead From Where You Stand
Helping teams make sense of mountains of data is Ed Vrooman's strong suit.

The Best-Laid Plans

Too much of a good thing? Coaching a team to bounce back.


I'm in a UBT?

What to do when team members don't realize they're on a team? Everyone benefits when everyone is contributing.




Highlights of the 2015 National Agreement


Puzzles, Games and Posters

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