October 25, 2016


Summer 2016

Humans of Partnership Speak Up

Cover: Hank Summer 2016
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For everyone at Kaiser Permanente—union members, managers, care providers—speaking up is a right and a responsibility. Being #FreeToSpeak is part of working in partnership. It's now always easy, but your voice makes a difference. These short stories make that clear. 


Why We Speak Up

See what happened when the workers at the West Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Pharmacy broke through fear and found their voices.


On Speaking Up When You Are Not the Boss

Practical advice from two union workers on how to gain the confidence to use your voice. 


How to Create a Speak-Up Culture

Four tips from one manager to earn the trust of your staff. 


Infographic: A Visual Board Is Worth 10,000 Words
Visual boards are a powerful way to improve communication and get team members more involved. Unit-based teams that regularly huddle in front of their visual board find the practice surfaces issues and builds a #FreeToSpeak work environment. 


Meet Your National Agreement: Spreading the Word

Make a plan to communicate and help colleagues understand their roles on your unit-based team—it's good for your team, and it's also a new Path to Performance requirement. 


Are You #FreeToSpeak?

Henrietta, Hank's resident columnist, wonders what it will take to get everyone speaking up and contributing their ideas. 


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