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'One and Done'--It's the Super UBT

03/24/2015 Call centers across Kaiser Permanente band together across time zones to improve customer service, spread successful practices. From the Spring 2015 Hank. [ STORY ]

Around the Regions (Winter 2015)

01/02/2015 Newsy notes from all of KP's regions. From the Winter 2015 issue of Hank. [ STORY ]

Around the Regions (Fall 2014)

10/07/2014 Newsy notes from all of KP's regions. From the Fall 2014 issue of Hank. [ STORY ]

How to Involve Patients in Performance Improvement

03/11/2014 Listen to a one-hour talk show style webinar on how UBTs are involving patients in their performance improvement work and how your team can, too. [ STORY ]

Supporting Unit-Based Teams

07/28/2011 A tool and explanatory text to enhance communication between unit-based teams and their sponsors. [ STORY ]

Four Ways to Help Your Department Reach Its PSP Goals

01/13/2010 The Mid-Atlantic’s Reward for Results program helps the region reach its PSP goals. [ STORY ]

Winning formula for high-risk diabetics in Mid-Atlantic

06/01/2009 Mid-Atlantic region's Woodlawn unit-based team uses active education and teamwork to improve preventative care for high-risk diabetes patients. [ STORY ]

UBT regional update

03/25/2008 2008 UBT regional update. [ STORY ]

Mid-Atlantic gets rolling with UBTs

03/19/2008 Mid-Atlantic region launches clinical unit-based teams. [ STORY ]

Mid-Atlantic Region Gets Going on UBTs

05/24/2007 In the Mid-Atlantic Region, unit-based teams (UBTs) will focus on service--improving member service and improving employee service to one another. [ STORY ]