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Unit-Based Teams Achieve Milestone Goal

12/16/2011 The 2010 National Agreement committed KP and its partnership unions to double the number of high-performing teams by December 2011. Here are the impressive results. [ STORY ]

Nine Tips for Hosting Best Practices Webinars

12/01/2011 Northern California service-line teams use bi-monthly webinars to share best practices. [ STORY ]

High-Performing Teams Drive Culture

12/01/2011 A new study out of Southern California finds that high-performing teams with a culture of “trust and openness” have a significantly lower workplace injury rate. [ STORY ]

Tips for Designing, Finding and Creating Metrics

10/28/2011 Three experts off tips for teams needing to find or create their own metrics for their performance improvement work. [ STORY ]

Metrics to Count On

10/28/2011 What does a team do when the data it needs for performance improvement is old, missing or incomplete? This story from the Fall 2011 issue of Hank describes what teams can do when confronted with this situation. [ STORY ]

How to Communicate With Your Team

10/26/2011 Story and instructions on the use of a "UBT Meeting Report-Out" tool. [ STORY ]

LMP: Where Have You Been All My Life?

10/17/2011 In this audio slideshow, McFarlane, a staff educator at the South Bay Medical Center in Southern California, describes how partnership has changed her work life. And she explains what it takes to make a unit-based team successful. All photos are of staff at the South Bay Medical Center. [ SLIDESHOW ]

The Best Approach Is a Team Approach

09/15/2011 Chris Covin, MD, head of Pediatrics at the Martinez Medical Center, says patients need whole teams of caregivers pitching in to help provide the best possible care. [ STORY ]

UBT Summit Helps Teams Close Gaps

08/29/2011 This story describes how Fontana leaders are supporting teams—and their sponsors—with a new resource: the "UBT summit." [ STORY ]

Why Two Sponsors Are Better Than One

08/26/2011 UBT Tracker data show that unit-based teams must have a sponsor to succeed--and having two sponsors, one from labor and one from management, is even better. [ STORY ]