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LMP Turns 15

10/01/2012 Kaiser Permanente’s Labor Management Partnership celebrates its 15th anniversary as the largest and longest-lasting labor-management partnership in the United States. Managers, employees, physicians and leaders talk about partnership's evolution and how it has changed KP. [ STORY ]

Missed the Virtual UBT Fair? Listen Here

05/30/2012 The audio and PowerPoint slides from a virtual UBT fair held on May 23, 2012. Three teams talked about their tests of change that helped save money and keep KP affordable. Missed the Webex? Listen here. [ STORY ]

Contradictions That Foster Innovation

05/21/2012 Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson argues that four pairs of contradictory ideas help foster a culture of innovation--just like the ones unit-based teams are trying to create. [ STORY ]

Beyond 'Teamwork'

05/18/2012 While 'team' is a noun, 'teaming' is a verb that describes a skill today's workforce need to succeed in complex, quickly-changing work environments. [ STORY ]

You Gotta Learn

05/18/2012 Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson explains why creating a psychologically safe learning environment is the key to innovation and teamwork. [ STORY ]

Northern California: Modern Venue for Old-Fashioned Storytelling

03/21/2012 For the 42 unit-based teams that are part of the Northern California EVS and Admitting collaboratives, webinars are the way that best practices are shared. From the 2011 LMP Performance Report. [ STORY ]

Partnering for Results

03/14/2012 Kaiser Permanente Chief Executive Officer Bernard Tyson discusses the benefits the Labor Management Partnership and unit-based teams have brought to the organization. [ STORY ]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

02/01/2012 If numbers, tables and charts make you want to run for the door--check out Hank's seven ways to conquer your fear of data. [ STORY ]

Closing the Gap

02/01/2012 It's not uncommon for teams to have a tough time meeting some of the Path to Performance requirements. Here’s how Fresno took on training and sponsorship shortfalls. [ STORY ]

Unit-Based Teams Achieve Milestone Goal

12/16/2011 The 2010 National Agreement committed KP and its partnership unions to double the number of high-performing teams by December 2011. Here are the impressive results. [ STORY ]