April 23, 2014

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How to Zoom From Level 1 to Level 4

03/25/2014 How did one UBT in Georgia zoom from Level 1 to Level 4 in just 10 months? Get some strategic tips on moving up the Path to Performance quickly and building a strong team. [ STORY ]

Right Team, Right Tool, Right Test

02/28/2014 Armed with data and a method for change, the Santa Clara Women's Clinic UBT significantly reduced lab specimen errors that plagued their department. This short video tells their story of sustaining change. [ VIDEO ]

Allergy Team Helps Screen for Cancer

02/05/2014 Even though hay fever is their specialty, the members of this South San Francisco allergy team helped ensure their patients were up to date on their cancer screenings using simple laminated cards and a script. [ STORY ]

Unlock the Secrets of Performance Improvement

12/19/2013 Virtual UBT fair on December 17, 2013 unlocks the secrets of performance improvement. Listen to the recording of UBT leaders who attended the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's annual forum. [ STORY ]

A New Perspective for Physicians

09/17/2013 Video clips from David Jones, MD, the regional physician co-lead for all of Georgia’s unit-based teams, on how team-based care and performance improvement helps KP members and their caregivers, too. [ VIDEO ]

Want to Reduce Errors? Make It Personal.

07/03/2013 Huddles, tracking and increased accountability help Fresno scanning team reduce errors in electronic medical records. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Sterile Processing Department Makes 'Almost Perfect' Even Better

06/03/2013 Using powerful performance-improvement tools, this sterile processing UBT at West Los Angeles Medical Center virtually eliminates errors instrument trays that can delay surgeries and cause disruption for staff and patients. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Changing Work, Changing Lives

06/03/2013 In this 12-minute video, KP employees, managers, physicians and executive leaders address the competitive and economic challenges that threaten our mission to provide the highest quality care and the best service at an affordable price. [ VIDEO 12:18 ]

Safe to Speak Up?

05/01/2013 Open communication leads to better patient outcomes and a more engaged workforce, and there are surefire ways to build a culture where people feel free to raise concerns. From the Spring 2013 Hank. [ STORY ]

When Something Goes Wrong

05/01/2013 Two Northern California teams discover that to create an environment where people feel free to speak up, a good system is required as well as courageous leaders. From the Spring 2013 Hank. [ STORY ]