October 27, 2016


Check-In Sheet Improves Copay Collection—and More

11/10/2015 A team comes up with a simple check-in sheet that not only boosts copay collection but also improves communication and raises patient satisfaction. [ STORY ]

'If You Pick Up Your Pennies, the Dollars Will Follow'

10/01/2013 In a little more than a year, the San Rafael Patient Financial Services team captured nearly $200,000 in workers' compensation revenue that was almost lost. Now they want other teams to try out their effective practice. [ STORY ]

Four Ways to Save

01/29/2013 This story, from the Winter 2013 issue of Hank, provides suggestions on ways to save money and how to get started on saving. [ STORY ]

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

01/28/2013 Several links to affordability resources, from the Winter 2013 Hank. [ STORY ]

Closing a Financial Gap

01/28/2013 This story from the Winter 2013 Hank tells how the Mid-Atlantic States regional Patient Billing team collaborated with providers and pharmacists to stop coding errors and fraud that were costing KP money. [ STORY ]

New Printers Lead to Shorter Lines

11/01/2012 UBT makes a pitch to ditch its printers that frequently jam--and after it gets its new printers, member complaints about waits drop off completely. [ SNAPSHOT ]


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