October 24, 2016


Safety's Secret Ingredient

08/25/2016 After a colleague suffers a severe repetitive stress injury, members of a Southern California Ambulatory Pharmacy unit-based team found ways to keep each other safe. [ VIDEO 2:00 ]

Speak Up, Change a Life

07/01/2016 A real example of the impact that an empowered worker with a voice can have on patient care. [ VIDEO 3:00 ]

Why We Speak Up

09/06/2016 A case study of why we speak up at work: Workplace injuries vanish almost entirely after these pharmacy workers in West Los Angeles find their voice. [ STORY ]

On Speaking Up When You’re Not the Boss

09/06/2016 How do you speak up when you're not the boss? Get advice from two union members who've done it. [ STORY ]

How to Create a ‘Speak-Up’ Culture

09/06/2016 Simple (but not easy!) ways managers can encourage their employees to feel safe about speaking up. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: Are You #FreeToSpeak?

09/06/2016 Don't wait for the truth to whack you in the head. Learn how to speak your mind--and improve your workplace for everyone. [ STORY ]

Meet Your National Agreement: Spreading the Word

09/06/2016 Not everyone on your team realizes they are on a UBT. You have to tell them! Get tips on how to improve communication on your team. [ STORY ]


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