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Interest-Based Problem Solving

Interest-based problem solving (IBPS) is a fresh alternative to the old-fashioned ways of trying to solve problems. Instead of fighting it out, participants work together to reach agreement. They share information and remain creative and flexible to reach a solution that satisfies everyone’s interests. 

Interest-based problem solving works best in an atmosphere of trust and support. Participants need to have information and training about the process in order for it to succeed. Once those factors are in place, interest-based problem solving can resolve issues quickly, enhance relationships and deepen trust. It helps build a more constructive work environment. 

If a team is unable to move forward because of relationship issues or lack of trust, one option is to engage in interest-based problem solving led by a neutral facilitator. 

The four steps to interest-based problem solving are:

  • define the problem
  • determine interests
  • develop options
  • select a solution

To find out how teams can receive training in interest-based problem solving, visit the Training section of this site. 


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Improving Access by Lowering 'No Show' Rate

Teamwork leads to a better intake questionniare

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Every quarter, Colorado leadership recognizes a unit-based team that excels at putting our members first while building camaraderie.

The Autism and Development Pediatrics UBT, which started in April 2015, is a classic example of how collaboration can make the care experience even better. Members of this cross-functional team tackled the dreaded ‘no-show’ rate for their area of focus. They zeroed in on making process improvements to significantly lower the rate while also increasing access and member satisfaction.

To see this team in action, watch the video on Inside KP at Please note, this link works on KP computers only.


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