October 26, 2016


Making Early Detection Easy

02/16/2016 By working in partnership and leveraging the power of Kaiser Permanente's electronic health records, this eye care team at Redwood City Medical Center helps patients get the cancer screenings they need. [ VIDEO 2:57 ]

Why Speaking Up Matters

04/13/2016 This award-winning intensive care unit has built a #FreeToSpeak culture with interdisciplinary rounds on patients. As a result, the team has high morale, low turnover--and its patients suffer fewer hospital-acquired infections. [ VIDEO 3:15 ]

Teamwork Eases Pain of Change

03/30/2016 Getting joint replacements patients in and out of the hospital swiftly is good for the patients and good for Kaiser Permanente--but is a major departure from past practice. See how this unit-based team stepped up to address staff concerns and keep morale high. [ STORY ]

When the Game Changes, Change the Game

02/08/2016 This short video shows how a unit-based team at Kaiser Permanente's Capitol Hill Medical Center in Washington D.C. is helping its department adjust to a big jump in membership--and improving patient care at the same time. [ VIDEO 3:15 ]

A Matter-of-Fact Approach to Gender Issues

01/04/2016 By adding one short question to an intake questionnaire, this team takes a bold step toward inclusion for transgender, gender-questioning and gender-nonconforming teens. [ STORY ]

A Mirror for Members

01/04/2016 Unit-based teams are harnessing the power of language and culture to better serve Kaiser Permanente's diverse membership. [ STORY ]

Creating a Safety Net for Sickle Cell Patients

01/04/2016 A team approach provides individuals with multiple resources, helping them live full lives and manage sickle cell disease, which disproportionately affects African-Americans. [ STORY ]

The Difference Diversity Makes

01/04/2016 Unit-based teams are all about respecting diversity. That makes them the ideal environment to improve care and service for our diverse membership. [ STORY ]


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