October 25, 2016

Healthy workforce

Hair on Fire? There's Hope

05/13/2016 If you feel like your hair's on fire, there’s hope. Even though stress and health care work seem to go hand in hand, this issue of Hank has tips and tools individuals, leaders and teams can use to fix that. [ STORY ]

Collective Causes, Collective Action

05/13/2016 Union leaders are emphasizing the need to address the root causes of workplace stress. [ STORY ]

How Managers Manage Stress

05/13/2016 Tips and tools for and by managers and leaders to relieve job pressure—on themselves and others. [ STORY ]

First, Heal Thyself

05/13/2016 The old dictum, "Doctor, heal thyself," is true when it comes to stress. Physicians aren’t immune to stress—and teams can be a key element in keeping burnout at bay. [ STORY ]

Meet Your National Agreement

05/13/2016 This ongoing feature highlights key sections of the new 2015 National Agreement. First up: Team-based champions for health and safety. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: Relieve Stress With ‘Yes, and’

05/13/2016 Henrietta emphasizes how individuals and teams and leaders can tackle burnout. [ STORY ]


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