October 22, 2016

Membership growth

How Partnership Helped KP Reach the 10 Million Member Milestone

07/17/2015 Kaiser Permanente has a unique competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining members—its union partners, working with KP sales and marketing teams, to tell our story. [ STORY ]

'One and Done'--It's the Super UBT

03/24/2015 Call centers across Kaiser Permanente band together across time zones to improve customer service, spread successful practices. From the Spring 2015 Hank. [ STORY ]

How to Help KP Grow

03/03/2015 It's not just a job for sales team members anymore: See what all Kaiser Permanente workers can do to help others become KP members. [ STORY ]

Teams Collaborate to Ease Growing Workload

08/21/2014 With membership at an all-time high and new CDC guidelines leading to more screenings, two lab teams had to find a way to meet the increased demand. [ STORY ]

Value Added: Touching Potential Members

07/11/2014 An LMP program has found a way to share with potential members how our engaged workforce improves the service and care they receive. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Joint Campaign Makes New Members Feel Welcome

07/11/2014 A joint effort in the Mid-Atlantic States region has helped successfully onboard thousands of new KP members. [ STORY ]

Growing Stronger Together

07/11/2014 Kaiser Permanente's Labor Management Partnership is unique not only as a model of workplace engagement but also as a strategy for market outreach and growth. Find out how it works in this cover story from the Summer 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]


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