October 23, 2016

Toolkit: Performance Sharing Program

Help your region meet Performance Sharing Program (PSP) goals! Download these PSP tip sheet templates and the PowerPoint template, fill in your region’s goals and targets, and add your own tips to help teams succeed or use the suggested ones. Post them on bulletin boards and put them out in break rooms. Share them with your team and use them as a way to jumpstart discussions.

Remember, you can make a difference:

  • Educate yourself and your co-workers about the PSP program.
  • Engage members of your unit-based teams in tests of change that align with PSP goals.
  • Discover and spread successful practices that benefit our members and patients.

What is the PSP?

The Performance Sharing Program is the Labor Management Partnership’s way of recognizing and rewarding employees’ contributions to the organization’s success and growth.

Through the PSP, employees whose day-to-day work is fundamental to Kaiser Permanente’s performance are able to share financially in KP’s success.

Regions set specific goals and targets for the year in areas such as clinical quality and service. If a region meets certain financial goals and frontline employees in coalition unions meet or exceed PSP targets, employees share in the success through Performance Sharing Program payments.

Learn more

Visit your region’s PSP page to find out what targets are set for team performance: