October 7, 2015

Unit-based teams use the Path to Performance tool to measure their development and to assess their progress to high performance. The Path to Performance tool is part of the National Agreement between Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. The tools in the Path to Performance Online Toolkit are designed to assist teams in their progress along the Path to Performance.

Team progress is defined from levels 1 to 5. Unit-based team performance starts at Level 1: Pre-Team Climate and progresses to Level 5: High-Performing UBT/Team Development. Teams are measured in each of seven dimensions that support team development: sponsorship, leadership, training, team process, team member engagement, use of tools, and goals and performance. Teams can measure their progress in each of these dimensions using the Path to Performance survey.

Path to Performance Toolkit

Level 1: Pre-Team Climate Leadership

Help your team be high performing! Use the tools listed here to help your team fulfill the Level 1 Path to Performance leadership requirements. Access materials associated with other levels by clicking one of the tabs above and then selecting a tab at left.