October 23, 2016

A Successful Kickoff Meeting

Soon after a unit-based team launches, the sponsors will identify the area(s) of focus for the team. Usually, these areas correspond to the region's business strategy.

This information should be shared with the team during the initial kickoff meeting. 

A kickoff meeting helps define the team's purpose and vision. It gives team members their first impression of their leadership, including the sponsors and co-leads, and their future as a UBT. 

Use the two or three meetings after the kickoff to help team members determine how they work together. This increases their ability to develop into a high-performing team through training and skills building. 

Other tasks and activities that will support the UBT structure and success that may be on the agenda of the kickoff meeting include: 

  • Reviewing UBT roles and responsibilities; 
  • Reviewing the checklist for starting a UBT; 
  • Completing the co-lead action planning worksheet; 
  • Introducing the Value Compass; 
  • Creating the team vision; 
  • Developing working agreements; 
  • Completing a team charter; 
  • Assessing training needs.