October 28, 2016

Performance Tracking Tool

Experience has shown that when a team focuses its attention in one area, team members see improvements in multiple areas over time. Think of dropping a pebble into a lake and how that causes multiple ripples. For example, a team working on joint staffing improvements also may achieve improvements in attendance, service and the budget. 

The UBT performance-tracking tool provides a convenient document for capturing information you'll want to enter into UBT Tracker about your team's work and gives you a picture of how the team's actions impact overall performance. It has many of the metrics that teams are using to track performance, build upon baseline performance data, celebrate success over time and make improvements where necessary. Note that different metrics on the performance-tracking template are measured at different intervals: Service quality results are measured quarterly; attendance rates are calculated by pay period; and People Pulse results are determined annually.

By completing the performance-tracking worksheet as your team gets down to work, you will be able to use it to track and measure performance and celebrate results.