April 20, 2014

LMP Tools You Can Use

Everything  you need to help your unit-based team succeed!


UBT Tracker Tip Sheets and Guide

These tips make it easy to enter team projects into UBT Tracker. Included are instructions for signing on and
navigating through the online system as well as for understanding and entering SMART goals and tests of change.

UBT Tracker User Guide

UBT Tracker Tip Sheets

Storytelling Tools

Have a performance improvement project you want to show off? Try telling a story about it. Check out our online animated storytelling tool as well as storytelling templates and workbooks.

Online Storytelling Tool

Tell Your Story Toolkit

National Agreement Online Tool

This interactive tool walks users step-by-step through the main provisions of the National Agreement.

2010 National Agreement Online Tool (2012 tool coming soon)

2012 National Agreement Summary

PSP Posters and Tip Sheets

Use these posters and customizable tip sheets to educate and rally team members and facility staff around your region’s Performance Sharing Program (PSP) goals.

PSP Toolkit

10 Essential Tips for…

Culled from UBT Tracker, team stories published on LMPartnership.org and other sources, these tip sheets are designed to help teams jump start their performance improvement work without reinventing the wheel. Get practical suggestions for small tests of change on topics such as wait times, co-pay collection, and more.

10 Essential Tips Toolkit

Bulletin Board Posters

Sign up to receive our monthly packet of bulletin board posters. Every month features new “snapshot of change” posters highlighting successful teams and projects from different regions, as well as posters about healthy workforce and workforce development programs, and more!

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Effective Practices Stories and Snapshots

Want ideas for tests of change your teams can try? Read what other teams have done—whether you’re a Mid-Atlantic States pharmacy team trying to reduce wait times or a Northern California pediatrics team working to improve childhood immunizations.

Visit the stories and videos section of this website

LMP Videos

Spice up a meeting with engaging videos—from captivating accounts of teams that struggled and mastered small tests of change to inspiring chronicles on healthy workforce projects.

Find a video

Tools for Making Meetings Work

Make your UBT meetings run smoothly and productively with our meeting tools, including a meeting agenda template, checklist for running a meeting, and tools that explain consensus decision making.

Meeting tools

LMP Communications

In addition to these tools, LMP Communications also offers:


An award-winning quarterly magazine that highlights the successes and struggles of UBTs and the Labor Management Partnership. Read a copy.


Our multimedia website with tips, tools, stories and videos on everything from starting and running a UBT to sustaining performance. See what's new.

LMP Flash

A twice a month newsletter with stories and tools for your team. Subscribe today.

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LMP Communicators also are available to provide consulting for planning and implementing communications strategy as well as communications workshops on telling your team’s story and getting through difficult conversations. For more information, contact LMP-Feedback@kp.org, or call 510-271-6000.

Visit your region's page to find the LMP communicator assigned to you.