April 21, 2014

Transforming KP
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Improve performance through 'mini campaigns'

Kaiser Permanente is a model for the future of health care. To be that model and to safeguard our social mission of providing quality, affordable care for working families and the communities we serve, frontline workers, managers and physicians focus every day on what is best for our members.

We strive to always:

  • Provide the best quality,
  • Deliver the best service,
  • Be the most affordable,
  • Be the best place to work.

We’re changing to meet the challenges we face, with every worker, manager and physician thinking and working differently in his or her day-to-day job. But it is up to more than individuals. Unit-based teams are the platform for how we reshape the organization to nimbly address competitive pressures, changing regulations and technological advances.

Our shared focus on our members and patients will lead the way to a health care solution for our country.

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We can strengthen Kaiser and improve health care by unleashing the Power of Partnership