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After working in reception for nine years, Carlene Carlson felt stuck in her career. But then she connected with a Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust career counselor, and in just a few months, Carlson life changed—a lot. See Carlene’s story in this short video.

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'An opportunity for my family'

When Anthony Azurin learned that KP was sponsoring a one-time MRI-training program, the former CAT scan technologist knew the opportunity was too good to pass up. What he didn't know was that midway through the course he would face some pretty tough obstacles. [ VIDEO 2:01 ]

Take the next step

Feeling the itch for change? There's no reason to stagnate! Workforce development offers an abundance of resources that can help you move up in your career. Getting started is easier than you might think. [ VIDEO 2:15 ]

'Opportunity is endless'

Take charge of your career by taking advantage of the resources available through KP's workforce development program. Whether it's financial, educational or emotional assistance you need, chances are, it's available. Explore the opportunities and take the next step. This video will tell you how. [ VIDEO 4:25 ]

Making it happen for your employees

Why should department managers support their employees’ efforts to go back to school or move up in their careers? See for yourself by watching this short video featuring managers who do it all the time. [ VIDEO 5:06 ]
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