What Is Integrated Disability Management?

Integrated Disability Management (IDM) is part of a comprehensive approach to workplace safety established by the 2005 National Agreement. It is a strategy that is being implemented in each region, supported by Kaiser Permanente and the Union Coalition, and that recognizes the importance of an early-return-to-work program. The IDM program can help an injured worker’s recovery and reduce the chance of long-term disability.

Integrated Disability Management allows eligible employees to work safely in medically suitable, temporary, transitional work assignments when they are unable to work in their usual capacity. Workers healing from injuries, illnesses or disabling health conditions who have been medically released to work with restrictions are eligible for the program.

Once an employee is able to return to work, IDM facilitates medically appropriate work status decisions that are based on their health care provider’s conclusions and recommendations. These may lead to the employee’s returning to his or her usual work, seeking reasonable accommodation or finding other permanent work status. IDM also may support continuing care and management of a medical leave until the employee is able to return to work.

Early intervention is the key. The sooner action is taken, the better the chances are of an employee making a full and speedy return to work.

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