October 28, 2016

Leadership Roles
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How Partnership has changed our roles

What’s Your Role?

The Labor Management Partnership is a far-reaching strategy for innovation and performance. It lives not just in the executive suites but at the front lines of service and care in every Kaiser Permanente facility. It is changing the way KP operates and is a model for the health care industry and the nation. And it requires new roles and accountabilities for every KP worker, manager and physician.

These new roles are necessary for unit-based teams—Kaiser Permanente and the Union Coalition’s vehicle for performance improvement—to succeed. UBTs draw on the energy and expertise of the people who work every day to serve our members and patients. Workers, managers and physicians in UBTs take a new, inclusive and structured approach to problem solving. Managers get results in these teams not through command and control but by coaching, supporting and engaging their staff members. Workers use their skills and insights to identify problems, improve work processes and grow professionally. Physicians provide clinical leadership, seek input and participate in team huddles. Everyone shares a focus on serving patients, allowing KP to deliver the best quality and service at the most affordable price, in a great workplace.

Everyone with a stake in the future of Kaiser Permanente will benefit from these new ways of working together. The practical tools and advice collected here can help you enjoy better work relationships—and ultimately, provide better care.