October 26, 2016

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Managing and Partnership

Managers play a pivotal role in Kaiser Permanente’s mission to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. As KP adjusts to stay ahead of the changes in health care and the economy, the role of managers is changing as well.

At the center of KP's strategy to continue to be a leader in health care are unit-based teams. UBTs are designed to bring a culture of continuous improvement and engagement to the front lines. Step by step, they are improving quality, service, affordability and the workplace.

Managers have an ongoing responsibility to manage resources, explain the team’s business or clinical goals and deliver results. But to be successful in today’s collaborative environment, managers also must engage their teams, frame problems and build a work environment that supports learning and change.

For many managers, this is an extension of what they’ve always done. For others, it is an unfamiliar and uncomfortable approach. To help all managers—regardless of style—work better in partnership, this section offers tools for collaborative leadership, tips from successful peers and experts and real-world examples of successful practices.

Peer Advice for Managers
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