October 23, 2016


Effective sponsorship is one of the most important ingredients for a high-performing unit-based team. Sponsors are the go-to people for UBT co-leads, providing resources, guidance and oversight for teams—and they’re the ones who sign off on a team’s rating as it moves through the five Path to Performance levels.

Sponsors may be managers, physicians or union members. They are chosen for their leadership skills and the ability to help others develop those skills.

Whether you are a new sponsor or a seasoned pro, this section offers tips and tools you can use with your teams as well as peer advice and on-the-ground examples of stellar sponsorship. You can download the Sponsor and Leader Resource Guide for UBTs, or look through this section and the Working with your sponsor page (in the UBT section of the site) for information and many of the tools from the guide.

Peer Advice for Sponsors
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Moving Teams to High Performance: Words From a Sponsor

03/25/2014: A sponsor's role is to remove the noise and chaos around UBTs, says Denise Johnson, continuum administrator at the San Jose Medical Center. In this Q&A, Johnson discusses how she supports her teams on the path to becoming high performing.

UBT Sponsors Work the Wow Factor

02/24/2014: In this era of health care reform, Medical Group Administrator Deborah Royalty stresses the critical role of unit-based teams and their sponsors in Kaiser Permanente's success.

Spending Time in the Field

04/10/2013: A leader's firsthand report on why time visiting with frontline teams is time well spent.

Physician Sponsor Profile: Tom Harburg, MD

11/08/2012: Tom Harburg, MD, talks about being a sponsor and the value of doctors' active participation in UBTs.

Labor Sponsor Profile: Andrea Badellebess

11/08/2012: Andrea Badellebess, OPEIU Local 29 labor liaison and a UBT labor sponsor, talks about what it means to be a "family team."