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How-To Guide: Team Communications ("I'm in a UBT—and So Are You!")

Quick quiz: Are you in a unit-based team?


“No, not me—Jill Doe is. She attends the meetings and tells us what happened later.”


Buzzzzz! Wrong. You are in a UBT. In fact, everyone in your unit is a member of the UBT. In a small departments, this is more obvious; in larger departments, some members—like Jill—are the team's representatives, who work on behalf of whole team and all its members. 


Our National Agreement calls for participation in unit-based teams by everyone in a natural work unit, including those represented by a union in the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, their managers, and the unit's care providers. Through this integrated approach, frontline workers, managers and physicians can collaborate on performance improvement—working more efficiently, designing affordability and work flow projects, spreading best practices and quickly implementing department ideas—and creating a great work environment. 

Before I was in a UBT, I couldn’t bring up concerns to the whole department in an environment where I felt I was heard....We need to have a voice so that we can make things better for ourselves and our patients.
Teri Carvalho Luke, RN UBT consultant, Hawaii Nurses Association, OPEIU Local 50
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