Humans of Partnership: Deborah Grinder

Woman with brown hair wearing glasses and a shirt receiving the covid vaccine.

It was important for me to get vaccinated because I couldn’t bear the thought that if I contracted COVID-19, I could possibly give it to anyone! I have grandchildren and the thought of them getting it from me, because of my work, just wrecked me; I couldn’t imagine the guilt. When I received both vaccine doses, I didn’t feel either shot. Everyone talked about the negative things that might happen: tiredness, feeling yucky for a day or so, sore arm, et cetera, but I refused to claim any of those. I ended up working in a vaccination clinic and I told almost every person that they’d be fine. When I saw those same people return for the second vaccine dose, they all said, ‘You were right, I was fine.’ Don’t claim the negative.

Deborah Grinder, registered nurse, Alliance partnership representative, UFCW Local 400 (Mid-Atlantic States)