Humans of Partnership: Dee Nelson

Woman wearing a mask and holding a sign that says, "I just received my COVID vaccination."

I wasn’t hesitant about the vaccine, but I had concerns because I was listening to the media – social media in particular – and hearing the wrong things. I overcame that by trusting in my faith, and science, doing my own research, and talking to my doctor. After getting vaccinated, I felt an array of emotions, but mostly I felt hope for the future of my family and my community. Not only did I get the vaccine because I’m a frontline worker, but I did it for the health care workers who have lost their lives to COVID-19. By not getting vaccinated, you’re playing a dangerous game with your health and with the lives of others. I chose to follow the words from my pastor, ‘Be resilient, be hopeful, be healthy, and be helpful.

Dee Nelson, licensed practical nurse, coordinator, Population Care Management (Georgia)