Humans of Partnership: Juanita Kamhoot

Woman with long black hair, wearing a mask, holding up vaccination card, giving thumbs up

I moved out of our family home for 3 months last year when COVID hit. I rented Airbnbs and lived out of my minivan. I showered in the hospital locker room and ate the meals Kaiser Permanente provided to staff.  I did my laundry in laundromats. It was hard but I couldn’t risk exposing my family. We were scared. We didn’t know what COVID was or what it was going to do. When the vaccinations came out, I asked a pathologist, 'Yes or no?' He knew what I was talking about and he said, 'Yes!' So, I got the shot. The worst thing for me last year was missing my family. Now I feel like we have a chance to stop the spread.

Juanita Kamhoot, assistant patient care surgery, performance improvement advisor, SEIU Local 49 (Northwest)