Humans of Partnership: Nancy Diaz

Nancy Diaz

I work at the Glendale Medical Offices as a service representative. There are six of us. We check patients in for their appointments, answer their questions, and help them find their way around our building. In the past, we didn’t ask patients about their flu shots. They would ask us for information about flu shots but we never asked them about it. Last year, we decided to encourage patients to get their flu shots. We started asking every patient who came in, “Have you got your flu shot?” The ones who said ‘no,’ we directed to our walk-in flu shot clinic. If they had an appointment, we told them to ask their nurse for the flu shot. We were trying any way we could to make sure they got it done. Our teamwork paid off. Because of our efforts, 699 patients got their flu shot. I was surprised because I didn’t think we would be able to get that many patients.  It was a challenge but I’m glad I did it. It helped me see that I could be a good role model and help influence others to change their behavior for the better.  

Nancy Diaz, service representative, SEIU-UHW (Southern California)