Humans of Partnership: Wendy Williams

African American woman with a big smile sitting in a car.

I was slightly hesitant in getting the vaccine, because it was developed so quickly – but I knew that this was the only way we could move forward to protect ourselves and others from getting infected. I need to be healthy so I can continue to help others in the operating room, and keep elderly family members, who I love, healthy. The COVID-19 virus is so much more contagious than expected. When people become infected, sometimes it causes a dire and deadly ripple effect in their families and communities. My hope is that others will eventually feel more comfortable about getting the vaccine. If we all do what’s best, not only for ourselves but our family members and community, the sooner we will be able to get back to spending time with the ones we love!

Wendy Williams, registered nurse, Operating Room, UFCW Local 27 (Mid-Atlantic States)