Breakthrough Conversations Communications Training

Ever had a conversation go sideways? Nervous about bringing up a concern with your manager or partner? This workshop will help you identify and prepare for tough discussions.

Training description

Learn how to manage difficult conversations by engaging in role play and using communication tools to help you share your views and create dialogue that leads to understanding and action.    

Path to Performance

Levels 1—5 


Usually 90 minutes, but can be customized to suit your team's needs.

Who should attend

This in-person training is for unit-based teams, LMP Councils, units/departments and other groups.


How to get a training scheduled for your team

Contact the communicator in your region:
  • Hawaii, Northwest, and Washington: Jennifer Gladwell, Jennifer.F.Gladwell [at]
  • Colorado, Georgia, and Northern California: Tracy Silveria, (510) 407-0616, Tracy.L.Silveria [at]
  • Mid-Atlantic States and Southern California: Sherry Crosby, (818) 614-2551, Sherry.D.Crosby [at]

Other information

Please allow at least two weeks advance notice.


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