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Co-Lead Workshop (classroom)

Course title

Co-Lead Workshop

Course duration

Two 4-hour modules (8 hours total)

Path to Performance

Levels 2, 3

Course description

The Co-lead workshop exposes co-leads to the skills and knowledge needed to make unit-based teams work together effectively. The skills the co-lead learns are discussed and agreements are made regarding implementation as he/she returns to the unit-based team.

Who should attend

This course is the first of two workshops intended specifically for all labor, management or physician unit-based team co-leads. The workshop builds on previous LMP orientation training co-leads may have attended. Following this course, co-leads are encouraged to attend the advanced course titled: Team Leadership for Co-leads: Leading Your Team to the Next Level. 

Course requirements

Enrollment information

For in-person classroom training, contact your regional leaders for more information.

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