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Co-Lead Workshop (for consultant delivery via WebEx)

Course description

This course is designed for UBT consultants to deliver via two WebEx meetings or two in-person meetings. A condensed version of the full-day Co-lead Workshop, it will be particularly helpful when a new co-lead joins a team whose other leader(s) already has taken the full-day course. The course teaches the skills and knowledge needed to make unit-based teams work together effectively. The skills the co-leads learn are discussed and agreements are made regarding implementation when they return to the team. These materials provide a unique way for UBT consultants to provide individualized training to one set of co-leads at a time or to a dispersed group of co-leads via WebEx.

Path to Performance

Level 2, 3 


Two 2-hour modules (4 hours total)

Who should attend

This course is intended for all labor, management or physician unit-based team co-leads, particularly those who have already attended the full-day workshop but have been given a new co-lead partner. The workshop builds on the LMP Orientation workshop co-leads may have attended. Following this course, co-leads are encouraged to attend the advanced course, Team Leadership for Co-leads.

Course requirements

Requires basic knowledge of:

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For in-person classroom training, contact your regional training leaders for more information.


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