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Introduction to RIM+ (classroom, online)

Course title

Introduction to the Rapid Improvement Model Plus (RIM+) (classroom)

Rapit Improvement Model Plus (RIM+) Fundamentals (online)   

Course duration

  • 4-hour full course; modularized delivery can be scheduled to adapt to teams’ availability (classroom)
  • 40 minutes (online)

Path to Performance

Levels 1, 2

Course description

During this lesson, you will learn how the Rapid Improvement Model Plus (RIM+) provides you and your team an easy, structured way to quickly identify and test ways to improve your department’s performance.

Who should attend

Job categories who should take this class are labor and management members of a unit-based team.

Course requirements

Enrollment information

  • For in-person training, contact your regional training leaders for more information.
  • This course is available online to all Kaiser Permanente employees; you must be connected to the KP intranet and have an NUID to access this training. Visit KP Learn and search on the course ID 00552501. If you are already signed in to KP Learn, you can access the course directly


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