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Speaking Up Trainer's Toolkit (online)

Course title

Speaking Up Trainer’s Toolkit (online)

Course duration

Ten just-in-time sessions to choose from based on a team’s needs or interests. Sessions last between 20 and 60 minutes each.

Path to Performance

Intended for teams at any level

Course description

The Speaking Up Trainer’s Toolkit includes messages, step-by-step instructions, examples, scenarios and PowerPoint slides that teach staff and physicians effective techniques for speaking up for patient and worker safety. Lessons are designed to be used during team meetings, huddles or one-on-one conversations. The training is accessible from any Internet-enabled device, including smart phones, inside or outside the KP network.

Who should attend

 This course is intended for anyone, including team co-leads, members or sponsors, who wants to deliver short, in-person training to others.

Course teaching requirements

  • Minimal teaching experience or preparation is needed to deliver the training  
  • Presenters need an NUID number to access the material

Get started today


  • CUS for safety (20 minutes)
  • Stand alongside someone who speaks up (20 minutes)
  • Use SBAR to communicate effectively  (20 minutes)
  • Create safety for yourself (30 minutes)
  • How to invite speaking up (30 minutes)
  • When to invite speaking up (30 minutes)
  • Change your beliefs about speaking up (45 minutes)
  • Use stop-the-line (45 minutes)
  • Two-challenge rule and advocacy inquiry (60 minutes)
  • Safe and worthwhile (60 minutes)

Enrollment Information

For in-person classroom training, contact your regional leaders for more information.
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