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How to Use LMPartnership.org

Need a poster, video or article to share with your team? Looking for a copy of your union’s contract? This training will show you how to easily find and share information on LMPartnership.org from your desktop and your smartphone.


Training description

LMPartnership.org contains many tools employees, managers and teams need at work. This interactive training will show you and your colleagues how to navigate the site. You'll learn how to quickly locate, save and share successful practices, Path to Performance tips, icebreakers for your UBT meeting, and more. 


Path to Performance

Levels 1—5


Usually 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Can be customized to suit your team’s needs.


Who should attend

This in-person training is for unit-based teams, LMP councils, unit/departments, and other groups.


How to get a training scheduled for your team

Contact the communicator in your region:
  • Hawaii, Northwest, and Washington: Jennifer Gladwell, Jennifer.F.Gladwell [at] kp.org
  • Colorado, Georgia, and Northern California: Tracy Silveria, (510) 407-0616, Tracy.L.Silveria [at] kp.org
  • Mid-Atlantic States and Southern California: Sherry Crosby, (818) 614-2551, Sherry.D.Crosby [at] kp.org

Other information

Please allow at least two weeks advance notice.


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