HANK Summer 2013

Answering the Phones? You've Got Power

Kenneth McChellam
Account administration representative Kenneth McChellam of OPEIU Local 30

Member services and membership administration teams are crucial to KP's success

Across the organization, member services and membership administration teams are crucial to KP’s success in the marketplace. Teams with Customer and Member Services (CMS) and with Marketing, Sales, Service and Administration (MSSA) are hard at work on projects that will improve KP’s ability to meet the challenges presented by health care reform.

• A team in Fulton, Md., is using new scripting to reduce the number of times a member’s call is transferred before his or her concern or complaint is addressed. The new scripts focus on helping the customer service representatives resolve or defuse issues immediately.

• In Denver, representatives are using fliers and other reminders to help avoid confrontations and other negative experiences.

MSSA employees handle questions and concerns from employer groups and their members and brokers related to eligibility, such as enrollment and reinstatement, and to premiums, including billing and refunds.

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