HANK Summer 2013

From the Desk of Henrietta: "What About Me?"

Workers playing Jenga together

Change is always scary. But doing it with the support and encouragement of your teams makes it easier. 

When discussing change, it’s a rare person who doesn’t have that question lurking at some level of consciousness. Since health care reform will bring change to just about every corner of Kaiser Permanente, it’s safe to assume a lot of people are wondering how their jobs will be affected.

The short answer is, no one exactly knows yet.

The better answer is, no one exactly knows and it doesn’t really matter.

Because the 130,000 frontline workers, managers and physicians who are engaged in the Labor Management Partnership already are on a path of continuous improvement, which means taking change in stride is becoming second nature to this crowd.

Doing better tomorrow what we did well today is the name of the game for unit-based teams. Team innovation, as this issue’s cover story notes, may result in a clinic making sure new members understand what they can do to ensure speedier service. It may result in new members getting the kind of attention on their first visit that impresses them and makes them want to stay with KP.

So the best answer to “what about me?” is: It doesn’t matter if a change arrives because a lab decided it wants to get results out faster or if change is a result of health care reform. Change is change. It isn’t out there waiting to roll over us, it’s already here. It arrived when UBTs began using the Value Compass as a guide to providing our members with the best service and quality of care at the best price, while creating the best place to work.

More members on their way because of health care reform? We’re already getting ready—it’s the same work we’re doing to serve our current members well.

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