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Good Press for LMP

The Labor Management Partnership is drawing attention from a variety of quarters: As noted in the introduction to the 2011 LMP Performance Report ("Culture drives performance"), a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article called out our work in building a collaborative community, and two industry journals featured articles about partnership written by top LMP leaders.

The July-August 2011 HBR article says collaborative communities help companies thrive because they “encourage people to continually apply their unique talents to group projects—and to become motivated by a collective mission....The approach fosters not only innovation and agility but also efficiency and scalability.”

The article’s authors applaud Kaiser Permanente’s Value Compass—with its best quality, best service, most affordable and best place to work points, with the member and patient in the center—saying that it “succinctly defines the organization’s shared purpose….It’s a description of what everyone in the organization is trying to do.”

Meanwhile, John August, executive director of the Union Coalition, and Barb Grimm, the LMP senior vice president, wrote articles introducing readers of Modern Healthcare and Human Resource Executive Online to the advantages of working in partnership.

 “Organizations that recognize employees’ potential and create a culture of mutual respect, individual responsibility and personal empowerment can experience transformative changes,” they wrote in Modern Healthcare.  “Venues for workplace collaboration, such as the Labor Management Partnership, provide a pathway to improving patient care and employee satisfaction.”

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