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Listen to the Virtual UBT Fair on Patient Safety

South San Francisco Radiology’s unit-based team created a structured communication system where radiologic technologists are asked to speak up in the moment and “stop the line” when they encounter anything that deviates from the agreed-upon workflow or is a potential patient safety risk. Pictured, left to right: Radiology Oncology Radiation Therapist Rebekah Harper; Chief Physician Amy Gillis; Radiation Therapist Jeannie Wong; Director Marcy Kaufman; Radiation Therapist Amy Cate-SEIU-UHW

On March 5, 2013, the Office of Labor Management Partnership co-hosted a virtual UBT fair featuring unit-based teams that have improved patient safety. During the WebEx, three teams described their efforts at keeping members and patients safe. Following each team’s short presentation, team members answered questions from participants. Doug Bonacum, KP’s vice president of quality, safety, and resource management, wrapped up event, held in honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week.

The featured teams were:

Missed the virtual UBT Fair? Listen to the recording now.

Download the team presentations.

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Use this flier to promote the event and check out what teams are doing to keep patients safe


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