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National Agreement Available Online

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The 2015 National Agreement between Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions is available online. It can be downloaded here from the Labor Management Partnership website.

Hard copies of the book are now in production and will be shipped to KP facilities and union local offices the first week of March.

Far-reaching provisions

The agreement covers 110,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers in 28 local unions. It goes far beyond the traditional contract issues of wages and benefits. It develops standards to assist unionized workers, managers and physicians as they work together to achieve quality, affordability, and safety of care, prepare for jobs of the future, and develop innovative solutions to health care challenges. The agreement also enables 3,500 unit-based teams to better deliver award-winning care and service to Kaiser Permanente’s more than 10 million members and patients.

In addition to ensuring the best care, the industry-leading agreement:

  • provides competitive wages and benefits that allow the people who care for Kaiser Permanente patients at work to also take good care of their families at home
  • expands the groundbreaking worker wellness program created in 2012 with new employee incentives to screen for cancer and for risk of chronic diseases, which can otherwise lead to costly and devastating complications
  • fosters collaborative environments, providing all workers a voice in preparing for the future of health care

Stronger together

Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions created the Labor Management Partnership in 1997 to develop and support innovative ways of improving patient care, affordability and the work environment. Since then, the Coalition unions and Kaiser Permanente have successfully negotiated five national labor contracts in the highly competitive health care industry. The collaboration has strengthened worker engagement and participation and maintained industry-leading wages and benefits. It has helped Kaiser Permanente garner recognition from leading public and private agencies on a wide range of quality and service measures.

Download a PDF of the agreement at

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