Preventive Care

New (and Better) Workflow Improves Blood Pressure Control

  • Developing specialized scripts for clinical nurse assistants (CNAs), who make outreach calls to patients with hypertension, and for receptionists, who make reminder calls about check-up appointments
  • Refining workflow so CNAs consistently send patients with elevated blood pressure to nurse practitioners for management
  • Referring patients with complex blood pressure medication management for additional consultation

Corralling Cancer With Coughs and Sneezes—Allergy Team Helps Screen for Cancer

  • Making a joint commitment that when there is a KP HealthConnect® notification that a patient is due for a health screening, team members follow up by offering to schedule the patient for the screening or asking the necessary questions to fill in missing information in the patient’s medical record
  • Creating a script to help staff members talk to patients about updating their health needs and posting laminated cards on computers to serve as reminders
  • Reporting the weekly screening numbers to staff members so they can track their progress and recognize where they missed opp


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