Team-Tested Practices
Nurse gives flu shot.

The flu vaccine is safe, effective, and free for Kaiser Permanente employees.

Get the Flu Shot. It Works

Getting the flu means missed work, and it’s just plain unpleasant. While Kaiser Permanente offers the flu vaccination for free, some employees were opting out. Some don’t like needles. Others believe it’s ineffective. To boost their participation rate, a medical office in Santa Ana, California, got the word out to staff through fliers, face-to-face communication and easy access to vaccinations. They also offered the FluMist® option for those who don’t care for needles, and eclipsed the target goal of 80 percent with 81.3 percent participation.

What Got Results

  • Distributing fliers and emails about where to get the flu vaccine
  • Conducting face-to-face discussions about the value and safety of the vaccine
  • Providing easy access to the vaccine and offering the FluMist option
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