Team-Tested Practices
UBT Implementation Team Development Consultant Shannon Cazinha, Pharmacy Manager Linh Chau, and Pharmacy Technician Fairy Mills UFCW LU 555.

Expand your horizons when looking for new job candidates. Pictured left to right are UBT Implementation Team Development Consultant Shannon Cazinha, Pharmacy Manager Linh Chau, and Pharmacy Technician Fairy Mills, a member of UFCW Local 555.

Hire Not Just Any Candidate, But the Right Candidate

Recruiting and hiring takes time, all while the work piles up. To speed up the process and find the right people, the EVS team at Sunnyside Medical Center asked the Oregon Employment Department for an assist. They placed an ad and received about 60 qualified job applications for about 50 openings. The response was much higher than the 10-12 applicants the EVS team had averaged for similar positions. They brought on a dozen new hires at a one-day interview event, and then another 30.

What Got Results

  • Placing an ad with the state employment department
  • Holding an interview event to process the high volume of applicants
  • Using the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle to design the hiring process
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