Team-Tested Practices
Doctor and elderly patient with walker.

Identify patients who are at high-risk for falling.

Preventing Patient Falls Is Everyone’s Job

Falls can be devastating, especially for the elderly patient. And this makes it paramount for every facility to be vigilant with their patients and identify those at higher risk for falling. The emergency department at the Irvine Medical Center wanted to reduce both falls and workplace injuries. They issued yellow wristbands for at-risk patients upon admission, and put a “falling star” in the patient’s treatment room to alert staff. They also placed the call light within their reach and raised both bed rails. Patient falls dropped 50 percent.

What Got Results

  • Issuing yellow wristbands for at-risk patients, and placing a “falling star” in patient's room to alert staff 
  • Developing a "code-assist" system for back-up help with patients
  • Putting the call light within patient’s reach and raising both bed rails
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