Team-Tested Practices
Making a phone call.

Set up a call schedule to reach patients who need cancer screenings.

Robocalls Put Your Patients on Speed Dial

Members need to get cancer screenings. And while you may have told them, these things are easy to forget. The gastroenterological group in Redwood City contracted with an Oregon company to use an automated system to call patients who were due or overdue for colorectal screenings. They reached 97 percent of their intended members but the volume of calls—about 10,000—overwhelmed their system. They spread the calls out over a longer period and dedicated a special voice mail for messages.

What Got Results

  • Setting up an automated calling system to remind patients of colorectal screening
  • Spreading the calls, in both English and Spanish, over a two-week period to handle volume
  • Creating a dedicated voice mail system for messages
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