Team-Tested Practices

Manager Rosemary Sanchez benefited from interns' help.

Summer Interns Jump-Start UBT Projects

Modesto Medical Center UBT consultant Geoffrey Gamble taught the teens of KP’s Summer Youth Employment Program performance improvement skills to support unit-based teams. Assigned to Level 1, 2, and 3 unit-based teams, they helped the teams launch projects and enter data into UBT Tracker. By the end of summer, 12 of the 13 teams supported by the interns advanced at least one level on the Path to Performance. And four of the 19 projects carried out by the UBTs yielded savings or cost avoidance totaling $400,000.

Here's What Worked

  • Training summer interns in basic performance-improvement tools including Rapid Improvement Model, process mapping, and LMP basics
  • Helping teams launch projects and enter data into UBT Tracker
  • Providing daily support to help push and support the work in a positive way

What can your team do to mentor co-workers who are just starting out in partnership work? 



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