Team-Tested Practices
Nurse filling a needle with medication

A "pass free zone" helps workers avoid accidental needle sticks. 

Surgery Team Drops Accidental Needle Sticks to 0

Plagued by accidental needle sticks, the Ontario Vineyard Ambulatory Surgery Team created a “Pass Free Zone,” which enables staff members to place syringes or scalpels on a surgical tray instead of handing them off to one another. To reinforce and encourage the new approach, team members used “countdown” posters to highlight injury-free days. They also posted informational fliers to remind staff of workplace safety goals and results. The team’s efforts created a source of pride that served to motivate staff even more than the fear of injury.

What Got Results

  • Creating “Pass Free Zone,” to discourage staff from directly handing needles and other sharps to one another
  • Educating staff on how to handle used needles, and employing face-to-face conversations
  • Issuing fliers with the count of needle-stick, injury-free days posted throughout the medical center
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