Team-Tested Practices
Health Records Clerk Burgandy Muzzy, SEIU

Accurate data is necessary to monitor (and improve) productivity. Pictured is Health Records Clerk Burgandy Muzzy, a member of SEIU.

Work Together to Produce More Accurate Reports

Not having accurate data can make it difficult to properly assess a department's productivity. The Electronics Eligibility UBT in Colorado recognized their data was incomplete. They had been updating groups instead of individuals, so they worked with the financial department to improve the quality and depth of their data. To more accurately reflect daily productivity, they ran reports for members on whom they have updated records. This enabled the team to assess actual work produced.

What Got Results

  • Collaborating with other departments, in this case finance, to ensure comprehensive data
  • Shifting data to members instead of groups for deeper analysis
  • Running reports to assess actual productivity of various groups
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